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About music by EatMe

No idea what to put here. Enjoy, while you can.
After 40 years of planning a good strategy for 4-in-a-row,
it was time to spend more time on the hobby to think about new hobbies.
Absolutely required is to make very weak jokes, about the mostly nothing you could ever think off, pretentiousless,
not even putting attention to real feelings, just making sure to overdo things very well.
This all in order to laugh all the children to death, adults included.
That's what simple serie cum mom profucking is all about.
I always died to die at half my lifetime from 999.999 invisible airplanes made out of rubber, but that will be much.. much.. later, perhaps at age 190 perhaps then later though 255+(32 years empty buffer to make music) may be in place. Until that time: not too much hellsex.

I will try to make the future dead eatme findable in a variation with the EAZ2.EXE and maybe I have options to copy from this part. EatMe.HalfLife.NotDead.Span=190yr.beyond.overdone.fuckhellsex.promise.nogoodforme.goodmusic

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