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Please share. Most critical informaton in the motivation. I will be knocked off soon.

Levensbelang is het bewaren van zaad en dit in het voorjaar te planten, van alle vochtopzuigennde rauw eetbare voedselplanten, zoals ui, paprika, worteltop, courgette/zuchhini, tomaat, komkommer, salade krop, appel, kool voor afvallen.

Ondertussen, zorg ik voor behoud door het aantrekken van water in de grond.
Om weg te blijven uit overstromend water, om de veengebieden te behouden en de modderpoelen voor gewassen en drinkwater.
Het is eenvoudige wiskunde om van iemand iets te nemen wat hij/zij had. Doe maar redelijk en gewoon lief. Omdat ik me in de modder plet.
Hoogachtend, de Plaggenstampers.

Most Critical is to save seed and plant this in spring, of all watersucking raw edible vegetables, like onions, paprika, carrot-top, courgette/zucchini, tomato, cucumber, salad crop, apple, cabbage for slimming.

In the end, this would lead to the main continent
To overflow and then have to split the land
By digging water holes or damp it into air

Stop! Too much and even more water
Yet nonexistent water comes from bodyfluids and beer all around
This will divide the land we have left

The dragon that spits fire, against the water from and for the snake
To see this can happen peacefully to in the end have to squash themselves by mistake.

In the meanwhile, I will upkeep with attracting the water into the ground,
To stay away from overflown water, protect the nearby turf and mudpool for crops and drinkwater.
It is simple math to, in reality, take what somebody had. Be reasonable and sweet in the meanwhile. Because I will squish myself in the mud in the end.
Yours truly, the Mudstompers

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