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"Eat Me" ?! EatMe as one word, please!!1! Click here. This is EatMe's free music website. Download all free music and projects by EatMe on this website.
New in 2017: You Are The Artist Here - a web game about a career as artist. And I like pink - what's this blue?

   All music by EatMe here is for free download....

   ..a flower surprise: EAZ (power below) tnx to see EAZ here or download.
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z + xcvbnmwertyuiop (color)

EatMe - It's Hot In Here
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All music by EatMe is licensed (CC) Creative Commons BY-NC-ND with respect to personal licenses granted and other licens(e)es.
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Freeware by EatMe

Freeware by EatMe on the software page

The QB source code of EAZ by EatMe - unlimited flower fractal pixel painting program - is here since Xmas 2013.