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Seriously hurt by semitic hurting sessions for over 20 years. Please don't be so semitically lazy and give me some rights.
Ja doei ik ga omdat jullie me zo hard pijn doen nog wel een keer moeten roepen dat ik zogenaamd hobbies heb.
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Cycled 24/7 totalling 1380 KM in one month to uncelebrate 20 years of working 68% of my time for 75% of minimum wage and my invention of a:
superhi and also household ingredient cancer medicine with over 4.000.000 test cases.. all safe! Read more here..

Generation '45-'47. See the artictle WW3 for babies. This is up and can you stop your 3=2 from 1 form under from crossing point for later so you can keep up the balance of the overload - negative co women to positive co men.
Move out and timedly in and be so good and bad to always have the good just right and know how to then be bad if needed in such a small form that it is to keep distance with respect and move out to (let) move out.
Never be so negative to let is shortcircuit in a wrong way for too long. You need negativity W and you want it so bad. But then to say it could still be a form of Pi. That's math.
K, Men will be Pos with the boys, and Women will be with Neg the girls. Can't and can live to be sometimes without you.
But then to say the root is evil and it takes power to power? I know, nothing wrong. Lighting.

When you pose, or do not pose, or even revert the pose to -INF of 3 set, to know to stepp out to let time be saved. For the greater chances of greater luck in simple things like always scandals as artist. Overnumerous. But funny, again, the 3 can remain the 3 for longer, as being eldest, middle-age and newest form, (not) to recreate eldest as new form. Not to make new. Single steppout timed rightly.
Beheersmatigdheid tot in het gematigd beheersen.
Life seems to resolve hopelessness for (some, your and my) luck. Move out for each other.
Time to stop dem scrabblers with their distributed denial of anything. Even the govt. is infected with their you-did-not-ask-a-question question form.
Keep rocking! Enjoy, share the funs, buns.. Please read why I am so angry, rather would be smart..

Continueing to verhaaltje & semitic sessions of being hurt as fuck (too much of more...) and telling them to do something else since beyond.

Stop looking at my bottom.

This site will maybe not disappear 2019 because of financial problems ( is dead) although I would like to assist with problems.
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