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How are we going to make the future happen?

We have the evident problem of four types of women, five types of men, and each their own properties.

Also we have the evident problem of recycling a whole generation of elderly born 1943-1945 (renamed 1945-1947)
with a lot of (almost) 40 year old hoomins into newborn babies (that may need other parents and a rename).

That caused the so-called (to make it sound negative) "world war" of 80 years ago.
What actually happened was that all mums became mums at once, nobody cared for a while and we all went hungry from not moving over the land.

Hair colors and human types
Diamond Blonde - Control Freak
Flower Blonde - Asks too much, but organizes
Red (women x1, men x2) - Moves things around by knocking off current position
Black/Brown - Calculates

- Black/Brown can, in proportion, move, and bring Red to non-violence, by explaining ways of operatives.
- Black/Brown can, in proportion, give information to Flower Blonde and Diamond Blonde to help operatives.
- Diamond Blonde can, in proportion, motivate either other party by controlled ways in prosperity of all.
- Flower Blonde can, in proportion, create combinations and options, in regard to proper freedom of choice.
- Red can, in proportions, organize transportation and move things out of other places, with a good peaceful knock.
- Black/Brown can, in proper motivation, find alternatives and solutions in combinations.
- Diamond and Flower Blonde can, overspirited, leave Red and Black/Brown without options.

 This creates problems we NEED TO EVADE, such as the ability to move and step out for each other.

1. A gathering of 3 must be broken.
People need to step out of the gathering, by moves of either 1 within or by addressing from outside the 3 gathering.

2. A gathering of 4 is closure to 1.
People need to be able to go out of the closure, by letting them move circularly outwards of the closure.

There is a lot of unprosperity hidden in the layers underneath.

- Life lenghts come in 54, 64, 80, 96, 112, 140, 180, 225-240 and max. 256 years of life,
with a 32 year edit buffer / one of the creators' age difference with the recycled party.
- Only a part of society can or evidently will do the real work.
- There are things to do for each other in proper motivation and to keep each motivated, funny, smiling, and full.
- sex, 1 individual on 1 individual is happening too easy. Make sure you know how to keep dust and sand and screwpaper in between this option you have for a few months (at halftime, now I'm 40), before you accidently recycle your ancestors with just a one-time disease screw instead of making the time worthwhile and properly giving your newborn babygranddads and babygrandmoms freedom of choice (to move and learn).
- Every person above 30 is infected with a commonity of sexually transmittable diseases which can be evaded by eating variated with herbs and proper body movement excercise.
- You can get in contact with the elder ones you would recycle with a screw before actually unscrewing them.
- Labour of (young and hungry) people must be rewarded and that labour is happening.
- The wives I love are in the porn movies and we all have a sexually transmittable disease.
- My mom uses cocaine and wants to become 96 so far. Cocaine is widely dealt and very addictive. 
  Cocaine only makes you think you are right, although 96 ís agreeable. Cocaine is made out of plant extract.
- I wish to become very old and have babies at halftime of 180 years old and become 360=256+32 edit years.
  But you screw me.
- We became really old in 2400-2000 BC, everybody became about 256 years old. 
  That was boring and we started screwing earlier in lifetime again.

A whole generation 1943-1945, renamed to 1945-1947 is lost. To make a new one. Or to stay alive for a longer while. 

Care for each other, ma'am, sir.

Make sure you provide options for one and other that make us move around.