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Every 8 years,
now in 2017-02 and so on, each 8 years, feb.
there needs to be a Crack Record of the Mac,
'bout a femine plant specimine.

I also need a new Cut The Midrange
Start with Portable Computer Speakers and Stereo EQ.
Castles, part of salt, part of me, ancient tree,
You rather also have a house of salt. You are not a house?.

Keep it natural - with me - no chemi - the ancient oak - based on planting, seeding, best a proteinic of milk (part shroom) hydra, carbon comes to new plant, keep the peace.

Another very important request for now (2017 and beyond) is, I also need it, please keep me some please:
Biologically synthetesized milk. From bifidus hydraculture, plant fat, to be consumed in water.
Some cows, not too excessive, will be allright anyway with good herbs and nature for themselves.

Biologically synthetesized meat is possible as well; just grow skin without a nerve centre.

I actually was considering,
to keep it to the ancient prime(a)val femine oak, as male ancient oak, to plant, with seed, balls, with a good lick from both sides.
It always is in Am or A. Something D. and. E. Let's keep it funky, soulful. Always make good music, to dance to make music. Love, plant/oak/strawberry

If yuuu have any suggestions for the upcoming Crack Record of the Mac,
in 2017-02 or 8 years in repeat, send a message on soundcloud/eatme or try if you give and get response on the contact page.
Keep it natural with me - I am a good oak.

Protect the firemen by making out their safe lighter, smoke, or candle, with some lemonade with sugar and artificial strawberry?

After that, I will make a record with soft water noise.

Each time takes a moment, but time is actually infinity. Stay smiling, keep it funny always.

soundcloud/power-plant sometimes always.