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Men are positive with their energy.

Women always have to make it " nothing negative ", or " short circuit " things in a good circuit form of a " relatively well made, understandable for each side "  scheme.

We should all each be able, on their own, in their own time and space to make it negotiatable.

All forms exist in 3 form. There is power.

Power can be seen as rounded (e.g. sometime end of Sony Betamax VHS never important (max length: 255years plus 32 years editing time) unsellable life video tape,  a definite number in infinite power)

and thus;

Some things can come near, but it can be kept to a certain fraction in each respected and (well un)respectable form.

"It would take 190 years of age at halftime of my life video tape, or just in total life video tape time years of time to let me love each respectable form, or sometimes, we can just be able to make it happen or think about that time until then, and then 80% of the time, to do something else (with it, to shortcirrcuit), would be just nothing negative."