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Money Problem? No Problem. Solve your problems with money:
Nederlandse versie.. Dutch version..

.. per day: write down what you spend, which group of spendings on big amounts.
needed: an extra calendar or make a list with every day for next month.
.. per month: write down ..
(always to pay)
arrange automatic payments, always to be the same amount of money.
(always to spend)
reserve around (NL) 250 for 1 person in groceries. look at last month.
always save 100. even if you spend it, do know what you spend it on.
(money left to spend)
statistics.. a US or EU person should have 5.. 6 - 10 per day left to buy
an extra orange for the wife, not 5000 oranges.

.. vacancy tip number 3: arrange new money every month and arrange automatic payments.

Still have money problems?

Too much money?
.. invest it in something for somebody to do something good with, do not expect profit at first hand.
.. look at quality marks for renewable and recyclable things.

Don't have money?
.. consult your government if you currently do not have an income.
.. save before you spend.

.. make (small fixed amount, per month or quarter, automatic) payment arrangements.
.. ask for an option to pay later.
.. show you can('t) / are (not) willing to pay.
.. or find other payment sources.

Still need help?

.. consult government information, a professional, somebody trusted around you for assistance.

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