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I like to be always with 3. 

RQ namerequest honeytree honeytree strawberryfruit strawberryfruit

3 = 1 = 4 continuous repeat

The desire for 3.

Starts always with 1 (how many? doesn't matter, starts with 1)

They will become 3 again, makes 4.

That is Pi.

1. Beautiful Plant Woman (always willing)
I will always have to love you, best at your most beautiful age,
you have so much flow and weed for me and I of course have, as plant, for your flow, seed for you as much as you want.

2. Persephone (too hard, pretends a soft G-spot?, controls next 8 years supplies, better asks for things for herself anyway)

Desired declaration of peace - from oak to small white honey bush flower that we really have to give a proper name!
Dearest honeygiver,
I need you to give me honey.
Please, give me your honey.
I would even stand for a rename of your plant.
I am an oak! I have a house! And I always come back in the forest!
So do you, but please, let's be there for each other.

We need to fix this! Thanks all, please help rename this bad named plant!
It gives honey and I want it too!

Honey, give me honey, I am with the forest, time takes moments, but is infinite, so is my plantseed from milk actually.

give me the things I need, I also want to give some to you!
also you thanks, because we need te be lucky.
Of course I want to drink your honey and you hear me, don't you? Please 
do not even pretend you do not.
I do not want and hate to come to your castle of salt,
do not leave me not to have a house,
not to give what I have and get you, and to drink your honey,
just in my house, with enough to have (that you can make me short of),
We will also need to go back to the forest sometimes,
Why, by your force of fantasy love, please don't make it impossible,
I had to give up everything I (previously/currently) had, I do not wish to, so please love me well.
Please, not locked in your stupid Persephone Bad Situation fortress, whatever it is made of, salt, part of me, tree.
You always have to forgive me, I hate that too, please make it as easy and funny for you as well.

A "Fly" is not needed either, with your beautiful piggy smile, rather just milk please, and licks for each other.
This is my house, Persephone! And you know! I hate your (not-) fucking castle. I even already showered.
I hate you. Change. Of course I have a window.

3. Dionisis (my greatest love, because we come together)
I will always love you because we give each other gratefully what we want.
We can talk about what we need to give and get from each other.
So do I. At best, I will take the smallest part of living skin tissue, or let you take that off yourself. A piece of living skin filed off the foot eated by yourself?
You will give me, an inevitable, but very well placable on my big toe or whatever, a small innocent hill.
Also when you need a time-out for somebody, just keep it as short and comfortable as possible, I know you can.